Andrew Bordwin

Born 1964, Framingham, MA

After obtaining a BA/BFA in Classical Civilization and Photography at NYU in 1987, Bordwin began to produce works in a variety of photo-based mediums. Bordwin is a mid career artist who works independently as well as with artist Adam Ames in a collaborative team called Type A on performance video projects, photography, and sculpture.

During the mid 1990s, Bordwin pioneered early color digital printing, exploiting the abstractions of enlarged pixels in a series on suburban architecture. Accident and adventure play a large part in his work. Bordwin is also a highly refined architectural photographer who carries out commercial assignments with great skill and precision.

In 1991, Bordwin was commissioned to create a small series on New York architecture in black and white. He found beautifully crafted details in metal, wood and stone on New York's great Art Deco buildings including Rockefeller Center, the Chanin Building, the Chrysler building and many others. As photographs, the images are transformed into bold and monumental forms, beautifully printed as silver prints in 20 x 24" and 30 x 40". The project led him to photograph other New York architectural images, and he assigned the name Empty City to that series, which now numbers over fifty works. In 2003, a commission for the new Queen Mary II has allowed him to expand the series to incorporate a series on the facets of London's Deco architecture.

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