19 Years at 535

June 20 - July 26, 2019
  • Artists:

  • Nikolay Bakharev
  • Morton Bartlett
  • Andrew Bush
  • Elaine Lustig Cohen
  • Sally Gall
  • Andrea Grützner
  • Sarah Anne Johnson
  • Bill Jacobson
  • Maira Kalman
  • Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao
  • Adam Magyar
  • Tanya Marcuse
  • Maria Martinez-Cañas
  • Didier Massard
  • Gonzalo Puch
  • Orit Raff
  • Christopher Russell
  • Arne Svenson
  • David Stephenson
  • Jeff Whetstone

Nineteen Years at 535
June 20- July 26
ADAA Chelsea Walk: Wednesday July 17, 6-8PM
(with book signing by gallery artists included in the show)

This summer Julie Saul Gallery will complete nineteen years in Chelsea at 535 West 22nd Street; we are losing our lease. In recognition of our almost two decades here, we have organized an exhibition for which we have chosen nineteen works: one from each year of our tenure from 2000 to 2019.

The new millennium began with great optimism. We got past the fear of a Y2K breakdown, only to be meet with the events of September 11th the next year. It has been a roller coaster since then, and the programming of the gallery has reflected the shifts between good and bad in a global context. Our selection process has been shaped by the aesthetics, emotion and intuition that reflect both our collective culture and our personal passions.

The program has resonated with so many ideas we would be hard pressed to describe a unifying theme. Although we have mostly shown photography, we have also ranged into sculpture, video, ceramics and painting. Some of the artists in the show have been with the gallery since the earliest days (Andrew Bush, Sally Gall, Arne Svenson); others have arrived in recent years (Adam Magyar and Andrea Grützner). The artists have befriended one another, and together we have worked hard to promote their work and our shared values. Since it is impossible for us to hang works by all the artists we have shown in our nineteen years at 535, we hope that visitors will be tempted to browse our website where all of the exhibitions and artists are documented with images, texts and links going back to the founding of the gallery in 1986.

The show is dedicated to Edna Cardinale, long time gallery director and the driving force behind every aspect of the gallery’s program and administration. She began as a bright young intern in 1992, just about to complete her studies at SVA in New York, and has now been with the gallery for twenty-eight years. Her intelligence, knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment have guided the gallery through every challenge that we all know galleries confront. We could not have done it without her, and her vision has left its mark indelibly.

Several of the artists will be available to meet and sign their monographs including Tanya Marcuse’s new publication Fruitless/Fallen/Woven (Radius), Sarah Anne Johnson, Wonderland, Maria Martinez-Cañas, Transformative Structures, as well as Arne Svenson, The Neighbors, Bill Jacobson and others. A complete illustrated list of the artists included in the show and the year they represent can be seen on our website- www.saulgallery.com

Gallery hours:
June: Tuesday-Friday 10 to 6, Saturday 11 to 6
July: Monday-Friday 10 to 6
August: By appointment

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