DIY: Made In the Studio

July 6 - August 17, 2018
  • Artists:

  • Zeke Berman
  • Maria Martinez-Cañas and Rafael Domenech
  • Stephen Frailey
  • Didier Massard
  • Gonzalo Puch
  • Anastasia Samoylova

Our summer group show presents new or previously un-exhibited work made in the studio. Assemblage, collage and construction techniques are used to create photographic works that all maintain a material and often-sculptural quality.

Zeke Berman and Stephen Frailey both exhibited with Lieberman & Saul Gallery in the 1980s. Berman showed work from that period here in 2015 and now we are showing new color still life constructions that hark back to his use of simple materials and mysterious spaces. Frailey’s constructions have a pop sensibility in his choice of color and materials but his roots in the Pictures generation can also be seen. Both artists suggest a poetic narrative in their juxtaposition of materials. Gonzalo Puch makes photographic images that he then brings back to the studio, and through the use of photoshop transforms them into surrealistic landscapes. In earlier years he created elaborate studio constructions that were then photographed, he now uses digital techniques to achieve his vision.

For over 25 years Didier Massard has created elaborate studio constructions that evoke past civilizations, and imaginary and exotic landscapes. Although viewing his work today one would assume they were created digitally, Massard’s method is to conceive, plan and execute 3-D dioramas, and he often reuses elements as in theatrical sets.

In 2012 Maria Martinez-Cañas and Rafael Domenech collaborated on the Bunker series using a technique of passing appropriated photographs of German bunkers back and forth and adding graphic elements, and cutting and pasting additions and subtractions. We are presenting two of the unique remaining works of the original ten in the series.

Anastasia Samoylova trolls the Internet to find images that represent certain themes linked to the environment, such as a rainy day. She then prints and combines them into cubistic constructions that are then re-photographed. As the youngest artist in this group she represents a conceptual approach that incorporates the ubiquity of images available on the web.

What unifies this diverse group of artists is the subjectivity of their vision- the selection, manipulation and ultimate crafting of the works. They are private even intimate glimpses into the artists’ thought and hand.

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