Roz Chast

Sad Sacks, Worry Warts, Hellions & Bad Eggs

November 19 - January 9, 2010

Roz Chast has a new passion: carving rubber stamps with her signature eccentric types. These assorted portraits have been categorized as "Sad Sacks, Worry Warts, Hellions & Bad Eggs". After creating her cranky characters she has populated various works on paper which combine images, text and painting . One work was recently featured in the cartoon issue of The New Yorker in a piece called "Crankster: the Site for Anti-Social Networking". In addition to the works on paper we will exhibit a group of Chast's famous Russian painted eggs which also feature portrait heads.

Chast has exhibited at the gallery since 2004 and this will be her third solo exhibition. She is well known for her cartoons and illustrations which are regularly featured in The New Yorker, and almost 50 prominent publications. She is the author and or illustrator of numerous books including most recently "The Alphabet from A to Y with Bonus Letter Z" with Steve Martin.

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