Cowdust: Collaborative Paintings

November 4 - December 23, 2010
  • Artists:

  • Julie Evans
  • Ajay Sharma

In the second gallery, Julie Saul is pleased to present Cowdust, a series of collaborative paintings by New York artist Julie Evans, and Indian miniature painter Ajay Sharma. This is Evans third exhibition with the gallery since 2007. Evans and Sharma met in 2003 while Evans was studying miniature painting in Jaipur on a Fulbright Scholarship and they became close friends. Despite the enormous cultural differences between them, their shared involvement with miniature painting caused Evans to suggest a collaborative project creating work together over a specific period of time.

Evans went to Jaipur in 2009 where she and Sharma worked long days for eight weeks, passing paintings back and forth until each was completed. The resulting eight works are neither abstract nor narrative. They each contain a floating central form - a surprising amalgam that combines the subtlety of Evans' poured, ephemeral grounds and close attention to detail with the exquisite refinement of Sharma's precise hand. Carrying themes over from their own personal works, and challenging the other to re-contextualize them, the process reflected their very diverse cultural backgrounds and artistic sensibilities. They were able to negotiate the artistic gaps in their differing styles to stunning effect, with their separate voices distinctly evident in most places, while in others they are fluidly fused.

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