Project Gallery

Harold Feinstein

One Hundred Flowers

April 13 - May 20, 2000

The Julie Saul Gallery is pleased to announce a photographic exhibition of flowers by Harold Feinstein. The show in our second gallery will include a small selection from the more than one hundred images which have recently been compiled in a beautiful hardbound edition by Bullfinch Press. Noted photography critic A.D. Coleman has written an insightful introduction to the book. These stunning color portraits of flowers have been digitally enhanced and fill the picture field with sensual, and bold but delicate forms. They combine the attention to structure and form of Karl Blossfelt's botanical studies with the seductive color and obsessive detail of 17th century Dutch still life painting.

Harold Feinstein began taking pictures as a teenager in 1946. He worked in black and white, on the street, and was particularly drawn to Coney Island as a subject. Edward Steichen, director of the photography department at the Museum of Modern Art became an early advocate. In addition to MoMA, other institutions which own and have exhibited Feinstein's work include the International Center of Photography, the George Eastman House and the Museum of the City of New York.

Signed copies of the book will be available at the reception.

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